5 star energy design efficiency We Design To A Six Star Energy Efficiency Minimum 

Post & Beam always embodies best current practice into its design methodology to ensure our clients' homes require minimal energy to stay in the "comfort zone" during summer and winter extremes, ensuring a greener home that's cheaper to heat and cool.

Over the last few years Sustainablity Victoria has developed a computer software program called FirstRate and all Post & Beam custom designed homes are assessed using this software to achieve the required efficiency rating - 6 Stars minimum.  But designs can be created to rate up to 10 stars in the full range of climate zones (there are 69 in Australia).

Some of the energy efficiency options available include:

  • Enhanced ceiling insulation (up to R4.0)
  • Cavity masonry, stone, earth brick or timber walls with added insulation (up to R4.0)
  • Double glazing
  • Timber doors & windows (already included as Post & Beam standard item)
  • Under-slab insulation
  • Timber floor insulation
  • Passive solar optimum eave overhangs (already included as Post & Beam standard item)

These "6 Star" energy efficiency options may cost a little more initially but their cost is more than offset by the reduction in heating and cooling bills. These energy cost savings more than pay for any additional building costs. And remember – less energy used means less greenhouse gas emissions and that is a benefit to the whole planet.

Please feel free to ring at any time on (03) 5962 6410 or 0417 319 830 to discuss your particular home building project energy efficiency requirements or to get a fuller understanding of Post & Beam's "6+ Star" energy saving options.

David Baetge

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