What is Straw Bale Building?

Straw bale building typically consists of stacking rows of bales on a raised footing or foundation, with a moisture barrier or capillary break between the bales and their supporting platform, and a post and beam timber frame for supporting the load bearing requirements of the building.

Why Build with Straw Bales?

Building in straw has many benefits – locking up tons of carbon, saving thousands of dollars on heating and cooling costs and because of it's relative simplicity, strawbale building allows inexperienced and unskilled people the opportunity to become directly involved in creating their own home. If you would like to build a home using straw bale, Post & Beam can help, we have built many strawbale homes over the 35+ years that we have been designing and building custom homes. Feel free to give us a call to discuss what's required to build a frame that will suit your straw bale building plans.

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