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The Clerestory house plan was originally adapted from old church designs, which used the concept as source of subtle and indirect light.  The roof incorporates two distinct pitch angles to accommodate a central lengthwise window which creates a discreet lighting effect. The benefits of this design are now widely appreciated because of its passive solar properties. By orienting the clerestory towards the North and using passive solar design on the eave overhang, sunlight is allowed to flood into the southern side of the house during Winter but is excluded during the Summer months.

Clerestory windows can be designed to open to provide rapid removal of any heat from the home during Summer. Double glazing is recommended for all clerestory windows to minimise heat loss during Winter. The central window area can also be interspersed with timber paneling to restrict light if it is not required in certain areas (eg. bedrooms).


The following plans are only a few examples of an infinite range of possibilities. We will design a Clerestory home to suit your own building site, individual house plan & unique family lifestyle requirements.

What You Get In Your Clerestory Home

  • Unlimited design alternatives - we'll design your own home to suit your own particular requirements.
  • Free drafting of house plans & specifications for submission to council.
  • Fully prepared, pre-cut and coded lock-up kit of materials from the massive cypress posts through to every last nut, bolt and screw.
  • A comprehensive, plain English construction manual designed for people with no previous building experience.
  • Consultation, advice & technical support for seven days of each week
  • Or we can organise for your home to be built for you
  • Area: 111.4 sq metres (12.0 squares)
  • "Zoned" living - parent's sleeping and entertaining area separate from children's area with central service rooms providing buffer against noise disturbing either area
  • Kitchen garden window - imagine your own fernery outside!
  • En-suite to parents' bedroom
  • 1.7 metre verandah for outdoor living
  • Optional fireplace for cosy night


  • Area: 137.0 sq rnetres (14.8 squares)
  • Large family comfort with 4 bedrooms, zoned to separate living & sleeping areas
  • All living areas focus around open plan kitchen while maintaining a sense of separateness
  • Optional fireplace to fill the entire living area with a natural warmth




Option A

Option B

Lock-up kit to build yourself



Built to registered lock-up



Built to registered completion



GST NOT included in above prices (add 10%)


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