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From The Desk of David Baetge,

Principal Designer, Post and Beam


At Post & Beam we help people design and build a style of home that’s DEFINITELY NOT  "run of the mill." Our customers come to us to build their dream home, a home as unique and individual as themselves…

Our homes are NOT the rectangular "soulless" boxes you so commonly see today. 

These dream homes include beautiful, exposed timber that make a grand impact; creating a warm, natural feeling inside the home, and a striking statement about it’s owners and their values.

But while the aesthetic beauty of large exposed timber frames is a feature of our homes, these frames are not just beautiful, they’re also extremely practical, because they're load -bearing.

This means interior and exterior walls are non-load bearing, which creates incredible freedom in design, layout and the use of building materials. Virtually any building material can be used, in both interior and exterior walls.  And internal design possibilities are pretty much infinite.

We are often asked to use Timbercrete masonry for external walls but virtually any material can be used because of the unique load-bearing properties of our framing system. 

Some of the other common materials we build with include, Colorbond cladding, timber cladding, mudbrick, straw bale, blue stone and brick veneer.

So if you’re inspired by the romantic and practical concept of building with beautiful exposed timbers and other materials of your choice, congratulations, you’ve come to the right place.

I've Been Designing and Building Post & Beam homes for over 40 Years!

In fact, I first got into Post and Beam building way back in the 70’s when I left my corporate job to build my own dream home with mud and timber. What a life changing experience that was… I enjoyed the process so much, I never went back to my job, I became a professional post and beam builder, and as they say in the classics, “the rest is history…”

So if your dream is to build your own special home, that’s something I truly understand, and as I said in the video on this page, one of the most satisfying aspects of my job is seeing the joy my clients get from having me help them make their dreams come true, it’s something special and I never tire of it.

Yes... We can Build 6 Star (or Higher) Energy Efficient Mud Brick Homes

In recent years 6 Star energy efficiency has become a mandatory requirement for all new homes, and in some places in Australia, people have been finding it difficult to meet the 6 Star energy efficient home rating when building with mud bricks. Not so at Post & Beam!

We build new homes with mud brick and a wide variety of other materials and have absolutely no problem soma online india reaching 6 star efficiency levels. In fact our homes often achieve between 7 & 8 Stars, which makes heating and cooling your home incredibly efficient.

We are Australia’s only Post and Beam Custom Kit Home Builder

Another thing you should know about Post & Beam is that we are the only company in Australia that designs and builds custom post and beam kit homes. We invented the system.  We’ve been doing this successfully for 40+ years, and our unrivalled experience means we have no peer in custom built post and beam kit homes.

This means if you don’t mind getting involved in your building project, we can help you save 30% and upwards on your building costs, by supplying you with a custom designed kit home that you assemble for yourself. We deliver our custom designed kits Australia wide and we can also recommend a list of reputable builders right around the country that will assemble the home we design for you if you’d prefer to have professional help with building your dream home.

We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and we have a reputation for excellence, craftsmanship and satisfied customers. If you want references prior to building, we have scores of people you can talk too.

Free Starter House Design Kit and Information

You'll find a lot of information on our website about design principles, including 6 star plus design, passive solar design, thermal mass, insulation, site orientation and the like. We also have a series of "thought starter" post and beam design plans on our website as well as a free 'DIY House Design Kit' that you can download from our homepage.

Simply fill in the form on our homepage and you can download a 'DIY House Design Kit' straight away.

Our Promises to You

We understand how important your home is to you and we will treat the design and building of your home with complete integrity and attention to detail. We support you every step of the way in making your dream home a reality including:
• Helping to capture, develop and implementing your ideas
• Helping with financial applications.
• Helping you with council and town planners to gain appropriate permits
• Advice and assistance with builders & tradesmen
• Organising building works,
• Obtaining energy efficiency assessments,
• In fact pretty much anything you need to successfully build your home.

Your Questions are Welcomed

If after reading our website or receiving your free 'DIY House Design Kit' you have any questions, simply send me an email on the Contacts page. You'll also benefit greatly from reading the questions others have asked us on our forum and we have a great FAQ section where we provide a lot of information on commonly asked questions about custom built Post & Beam homes.

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